Infrastructure Systems Investigations

We provide special technical consulting support to infrastructure owners, architects, engineering design consultants, constructors, operators, and maintainers at any stage of system life.  This includes conceptual design to construction, operation, inspection, maintenance, all the way through to decommissioning and removal.  Our expertise includes buildings and other architectural and artistic objects, railway and highway bridges, railway track structures, ferry landings, and port and harbor facilities.  We have special expertise on the behavior and design of weldments and other structural connections that are subjected to dynamic loading.

Failure Analysis

We conduct investigations to determine the root-cause of failures of engineered systems and their constituent components and materials.  Our expertise includes fatigue and fracture behavior of steel alloys, welded joints, and other structural connections that are subjected to cyclic loads.  In addition to failure analyses, we provide consulting services to aid our clients in developing mitigation and repair strategies.

In Situ Testing and Remote Monitoring

We provide consulting services to design and implement comprehensive measurement systems for in situ testing of physical systems under live loading.  Remote monitoring over extended periods of time can be incorporated as required.  Our testing expertise includes site-specific installations for capturing time-histories of kinematic responses and deformations: displacements, rotations, accelerations, and strains.  Our measurements can also be designed to capture causal kinetic features from the loading/excitation environment: applied temperature, applied forces, applied motions, and applied restraints.

Predictive Analytics

Most engineered systems require inspections, fitness-for-service assessments, and periodic maintenance.  In support of these actions, many owners collect and log system condition reports natively in a digital format.  Some owners also incorporate electronic sensing and logging of essential aspects of system behavior while in use.  When data sets like these are available, Predictive Analytics techniques, possibly in combination with Big Data approaches, can be used to enhance system management.  We provide consulting services to help our clients design and implement Predictive-Analytics-based tools to aid system management and resource allocation decision-making.  Our services include designing data streams, developing customized machine-learning algorithms, and developing data visualization applications.